Honey, Bee’s are Free!

Hola! Welcome back to my blog 
If you don’t know by now, I am a huge lover of Mother Nature. I’ve made it a lifestyle to recycle and be conscious of how the products I use impact our gorgeous planet & animals. For the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of wondering. I asked myself millions of questions; like WHO AM I? What do I stand for? WHAT IS MY BRAND? 
What I have come to realise through my time of reflection is that I love to travel, share my personal style, highlight fun activities around new cities and document all my adventures through my photographyIt brings me a lot of joy to be able to share these stories whilst showcasing our natural beauties. 
Going forward, I wanted to start sharing with you guys at least once a month, ALL natural products that are good for you & healthy for our environment.
SO with that in mind, I couldn’t wait any longer to share my new natural find. Hope you love HONEY as much as I do!
Just recently, I went to brunch at Teaspressa with some of my blogger babes. Teaspressa was hosting local venders, one of the venders was Bee SeasonalOf course, I had to stop and try! One taste later, and I ended up with all 4 jars for only $18.
The lovely, Bee Seasonal sales rep. explained to me their vision and values, which I absolutely love an agree with! Bee Seasonal’s honey is a direct trade from Brazil, the bees have 100% access to all local natural food sources. NO GMO, NO PESTICIDES or NEER any man maid environment that could harm the bees. It’s so important to provide the bees with these natural resources to keep them healthy. This in return has better benefits for you and most importantly our planet. When it is time to harvest the honey, bee keepers make sure they leave enough for the bees to eat until their next flowering. Their top priority is to keep the bees happy and safe, which I love! Also their packaging is amazing & minimal! They are the perfect size to travel with, picnic anyone?  

PLEASE check out their website to learn more about these amazing ORGANIC product.

BEE Seasonal

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