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I’m back with a new vegan, non-GMO, cruelty free product that I have been obsessing over for the last past month. I’m talking about a deodorant! You guys, It’s so important to know what beauty products contain. Do you know what regular deodorant products contain? As well what can they do to your health in long term? If you don’t, you are in the right place 🙂

Regular deodorants contain aluminium as a primary ingredient. Although, it’s not proven to lead to breast cancer, but who are we kidding here, why wait till we have it to make a change. Aluminium comes from the crust of the Earth, it’s a natural mineral. The purpose of aluminium in deodorant is that it blocks our sweat glands from excreting sweat. We release all of our bodily toxics through our sweat glands as well as absorbing product. The negative side effects of aluminium are after a long time of absorbing through the skin, health complications can lead to nerve damage, kidney damage as well as osteocalcin (vitamin D and calcium deficit). Also it has been linked to increased Alzheimer’s and create cancer.

To be honest, I stop wearing deodorant for a long time. And I mean a LONG TIME! Last month, while I was doing grocery shopping I stopped in the beauty/health aisle looking for a new deodorant. I was surprised I would find one at Fry’s, but I did!

I came across Schmidt’s Natural deodorant. One smell away and I was hooked! I purchased the Bergamot + Lime scent. It’s Free of aluminium, Propylene Glycol & Phthalates, and filled with essential oils, which help keep you fresh! All the ingredients are organic vegan and cruelty free. Which is a win win!!!!  The company is focussed on keeping their processing steps to a minimal to make sure they are providing us with best quality products.

A little background of Schmidt’s, they started back in Portland Oregon in 2010 by Jaime Schmidt. Something that really stood out more about this brand is that they recycle their empty’s containers! For me that is amazing!! How does it work? You save 5 empties containers, you shipped them over and they will send you a FREE product! They will sanitize and reuse your empty’s( At this time unfortunately they are not taking deodorant stick, due to some packaging challenges to be able to recycle). How awesome is that!? I will be definitely looking into their other products that they offer, so I could keep on making small changes in my everyday lifestyle as well to support the brand. Thank you so much for reading!




























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