Wondering In To Guadalajara

 Last February, I was blessed to travel to Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico! My sister, mother, and I traveled to Guadalajara to visit my grandmother who turned 96. 96 years young!!! She is the cutest old lady 🙂
She is full of life! She had 13 children and was married to my grandfather for over 65 years. Talk about commitment, huh!? While we were there we also celebrated my sister’s birthday. Double Whammy! I love visiting my family and spending quality time with them, celebrations aside.
One of my favorite things to do in Guadalajara is to visit/shop in Tonala, El Centro, Tlaquepaque. And of course, eat the street food too!
It’s a very different lifestyle in Mexico. Everything from how you buy your groceries to transportation is unique in its own way. I love going to “ El Tiangis”. It’s like a farmers market, but better! The way of living is a lot smoother but still very FAST pace. I took public transportation the whole time I was out there, and nailed it!
I’ll be doing a traveling guide on Guadalajara in my next post so hopefully it will encourage you to visit this incredibly cultural city. 







Do you guys have any traveling plans coming up soon? I’d love to hear them, let me know on the comments below!

Im actually traveling to Guadalajara AGAIN! AHHH! I’ll be traveling for my 31st birthday..

See you’ll next wonder!




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